Lene Jorgensen

Velcome to my world. You might find it puzzling or even strange, but this is simply the way I see the world around me. I try to capture the things that make me wonder , sometimes big things and sometimes very small things. I hope you enjoy this look into my world.

01 February 2007

Divetrip to Eden

I went with my husband up the coast to a little town in NSW called Eden.Here is the view from our motelroom and stuff found on the beach.


Blogger JL said...

Just arrive and pretend to came more often. Just put you in my favourites.
Good drawings.

28 March, 2007  
Blogger croqui said...

nice blog!
Excellent drawings!!

31 March, 2007  
Blogger JL said...

Did you stop to make posts?

08 April, 2007  
Blogger hfm said...

Love it!

13 April, 2007  
Blogger beata said...

I love your art. Beautiful drawing. I have a very good friend (Danish) with the same name as yours.

27 May, 2007  

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