Lene Jorgensen

Velcome to my world. You might find it puzzling or even strange, but this is simply the way I see the world around me. I try to capture the things that make me wonder , sometimes big things and sometimes very small things. I hope you enjoy this look into my world.

19 June 2007


I have recently tried my hand at water colours,these are the results so far.

Beautiful friends

These beautiful birds sit on my verandah a lot,so I guess I just had to do their portaits.

Turtles and kangaroos

Domestic Wildlife

These sketches of my cat do not do him justice ,he is far more beautiful in real life.

A day at the Zoo

Just a tiny sketch

01 February 2007

Divetrip to Eden

I went with my husband up the coast to a little town in NSW called Eden.Here is the view from our motelroom and stuff found on the beach.


I had the most amazing experience in Eden, on a whalecruise I saw humpback whales and a pod of 12 to 15 killer whales!! Just fantastic.

30 October 2006


Auckland Zoo

For my Mother

20 September 2006





At the beach


A forrest in Germany


A garden in France

11 August 2006

Sketchbook #2

Sketchbook #1